Book Summary

Inside “Build Your Golden Goose” you will discover:

  • How to gain control of your finances
  • Where to save and get access to your capital
  • Entity selection and handling business accounts
  • Buying your first rental property
  • Property management
  • Real estate inside your self-directed IRAs
  • How to get paid by the government without a government job
  • Planning for your kids’ college education
  • Giving back to your community

This book contains a step by step guide to making passive income, through real estate. Embedded in this book are the ways to become a prudent manager of money, how to understand the flow of your income to enhance savings, it explains the best way to save and the best place to save. Several experiences have been shared, which helps to know the proper path to thread in making passive income.

The best ways to invest your savings to earn more income and the safest and surest forms of earning income even after retirements have been explained in this book, the property management practices and the best ways to manage your credit have been explicated.

To crown it all, the book teaches the best method to lay a perfect foundation for your future generation and teaches to give back to your community, while still earning.

This book helps to gain perfect control of your finances, giving you that peace of mind that you need.

The goose that lays golden eggs’ illustration, which is a perfect fit, has been used to explain these processes and steps.

The benefits are endless!