“With over a decade of experience in real estate investing, owning several single and multi-family properties, Ven possesses the practical skills acquired only through hands-on money management. It is because of these skills and accomplishments that I highly recommend this book to anybody who is seriously intent on creating wealth in their life.”  —Tomas McFie DC, PhD, author of Prescription for Wealth, Winning Your Financial GAME and co-author of Retirement Curveball

“Having been a long-time real estate investor, I have known Venkat for almost a decade. He lays out his experience, which he practically acquired, in this book, so that anyone could jumpstart their investing carrier in Real Estate.” — Aman Aggarwal

“I have been a real estate agent for Venkat for a long time. He has a unique strategy for investing in real estate, and he shows it. He explains in this book how anyone could easily evaluate residential real estate properties using simple techniques used in personal financial management.” —- Barry Whittington

“I recently started my financial education and have been reading/listening to a good number of books. I have definitely learned a lot and I feel I’m becoming more overall financially literate. But whatever number of books I have come across they did not take me step by step as this book has. I really had no clear idea on how effectively protect my golden eggs and get loans from others than banks/lenders while still receiving dividends. I’m looking forward consolidating these fundamental steps to move forward and take action on real estate investment!
Wishing all the best to all us desiring financial independence!” — Diana S

“This book brought my attention on a very important subject alluding to neglected sources of income. It makes say to those who are still looking far for more opportunities that maybe it’s time for all of us to start looking close and unveil many of these opportunities. Great Job!!!”  –Amazon Customer

“I’m someone who is interested in buying some real estate in the near future in order to develop some extra income streams. So far I have read 4 other books on real estate and this is by far the most detailed. Some of the books that I have read have been more about getting you in the proper mindset versus talking about financing options or giving any kind of detailed examples. This book as far as I am concerned delivered on all fronts, and is a great read.”  –Amazon Customer